The Rolling Stock Labour Provider of Choice

Drawing upon 20 years of experience and knowledge gained from supporting our Rolling Stock Clients, we specialise in offering flexible, innovative labour solutions where best practices bring real benefits both financially and in delivery.

The Rolling Stock Labour Provider of Choice

Key Areas of Support & Labour Supply

Test & Commissioning

Introduction of EMU’s, DMU’s, DEMU’S including Class 170, 171, 172, 221, 390, 357, 375, 376, 377, 378, 700


C6 and Refresh activities including Class 15X, 16X, 319, 171, 377, 365, 442, 455, MKIII


Heavy mechanical C4 underframe work including bogies, wheelsets, chevrons, cardan shafts, transformers on Class 15X, 16X, 171, 313, 375, 377, 442, 455, 465, 466


Various modification packages including RT-PIS, WSP, GSM-R, LED lighting, ASDO, Heated Couplers, DRA, Brake Relays


Installation of HVAC, PRM, CCTV, Wi-Fi, GSM-R, RCM, Energy Metering, DAS, ERTMS, OTMR, Passenger Counting

Supply Chain

Supporting the rolling stock lifecycle from new build through to refurbishment and the associated supply chain including procurement, logistics, stores, SQA

Maintenance / Exams

Supporting VMI activities including A, B, C, D, E examinations, inter-vehicle bellows

Project Engineering / Management

Supporting Rolling Stock Manufacturers, OEM’s, ToC’s, ROSCO’s, Rail Transport Consultancies with necessary professionals for productionisation, engineering change, mobilisation/demobilisation commitments, fleet reliability

Client case study

Major Train Operating Company – In-house Refresh of Electric Multiple Units (EMU’s)

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