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As a Rolling Stock specialist, we have been supplying individuals and teams, for over 20 years. This has been on both a permanent and a temporary basis so that we can manage each project as well as we can. It means we can also provide technical engineering support for the introduction, modification, installation, overhaul, refurbishment and maintenance of all of our rolling stock vehicles. We should also mention that this is in over 50 rail depots across the UK at any one time.

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What are the Issues?

The rail industry is an asset-heavy one, so asset management is of high priority to a Train Operating Company (TOC).

Management of assets, to a TOC, is about getting the most of your rolling stock by the economic employment of maintenance and replacement strategies. We can help you make those decisions in the most cost-effective way for your business.

There are many factors to take into account when devising a strategy for your rolling stock.

A rail vehicle may have a life of over 30 years, but you will have a major refurbishment planned in for halfway through this lifetime. At this point, you may have to bear in mind changes in society. Charging points for phones, ventilation, access to WIFI, storage space for portable bikes, changes in accessibility requirements for people with disabilities are all considerations that need to be weighed up before making a decision.

This could end up needing a change of plan needed. Replacement, rather than updating, could be the most resource-efficient solution.

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What Assistance Do you Need?

Our expertise in the railway industry means we can aid you to:

  • Update asset management records
  • Develop maintenance and investment strategies 
  • Develop decision-making  tools
  • Signalling Infrastructure Condition Assessment (SICA) 
  • Structures Condition Marking Index (SCMI) 
  • Analyse Rail Infrastructure
  • Improve risk assessment process

Why Work With Us?

  • Our proven track record in the rail industry will help you make the best decisions
  • A wealth of industry knowledge and experience will help you update your systems and processes to get the best out of your resources

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Rolling Stock Specialists

As a Rolling Stock specialist, we provide project management and technical engineering support to individuals and teams on both a permanent and temporary basis for the implementation, alteration, installation,
overhaul, refurbishment and maintenance of rolling stock vehicles at over 50 rail depots throughout the UK at any one time. Reliable rolling stock can be accomplished by targeted procurement, modernisation, and maintenance programmes. We have a proven record of developing large multi-functional projects and our team have extensive knowledge in turn key solutions for the rail industry.

All requirements are resourced/recruited in accordance with our Integrated Management System (IMS); this ensures compliance to all relevant legislation including the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003 and the HSE guidelines regarding joint duty of care responsibilities. What Are The Next Steps? If you need some advice on rolling stock management,  then contact us here, to see how we can help?

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