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3 of the Scariest Places in the World to Interrail | The Perfect Halloween Holiday

October 22, 2021


As the spookiest time of year is creeping up and jumping out at us, there’s never been a better time to think about visiting some of the scariest places in the world. Whether you’re a horror fanatic or just a big fan of history, these three places are guaranteed to spook you just as much as they’ll fascinate you (if not more!). So, here are our top three scariest places in the world/Europe to go and visit this spooky season!

1) Bruges

Ghost hunters gather from far and wide to Bruges, Belgium, to get a glimpse of some of the most supernatural sightings in all of Europe. The beautiful, picturesque and purely Instagrammable storybook city is usually completely overrun by tourists in the Spring and Summer months, which is why choosing to visit just in time for Halloween is the perfect way to beat the crowds and get in the spooky spirit. 

We recommend, first and foremost, taking a trip to the site of the old Haunted House in Sas-van-Gent. Not only was it (you’ve guessed it) a haunted house; it was a haunted house that attracted ghost hunters from all around the world. Located right next to the Dutch border, the number of curious visitors it got eventually became its biggest downfall; due to safety reasons, the house was demolished. 

Local tradition has it that during World War I, a German soldier was electrocuted in close proximity to the house’s location, and his ghost still haunts the premises. During World War II, he was joined by four Canadian soldiers after their tank collided with a land mine on site. However, we also suggest visiting Essex Farm/Site John Mcrae during your visit to Bruges, where the ghost of military doctor John Mcrae has allegedly been spotted. 
The concrete bunkers where a dressing station was built may still be seen next to the cemetery. At the beginning of May 1915, Canadian doctor John McCrae composed his world-famous poem “In Flanders Fields” in one of these basic”dug-outs.” At Essex Farm, 1,185 men are buried, including one of the war’s youngest casualties: Valentine Joe Strudwick, who was only 15 years old at the time of his death.

2) London

You might be surprised to know that one of the scariest places in the world is London, England, especially if you like us here at Clemtech, are based in the UK. It’s a little bit weird to consider London as one of the most spooky places to visit considering it’s practically almost on our front doorstep, however, London has lots of rich history to it that although incredibly fascinating, might perhaps not always be the nicest.

There are so many hotspots in London that are supposedly haunted by the ghosts and spirits of yesteryear, that’s it’s almost impossible to name them all. The cobbled streets of London are famous for some of the most famous and gruesome murders in history; from The Ratcliffe Highway Murders to the infamous Jack the Ripper, there’s a whole lot of history buried beneath the gory city. If you’re wanting to really get your spook on just in time for Halloween, there are lots of attractions in London to visit that are guaranteed to get your heart racing. 

The London Dungeon, filled with live actors and an over 18’s late-night opening option, is bound to bring London’s horrifying past all the way up to date, just in time for the 31st of October. Afterwards, we recommend stopping off for a quick drink or two at The Ten Bells; a historic pub with a chequered, Jack-the-Ripper-shaped past. Prepare for plenty of ghost sightings!

3) Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania, is a city steeped in mystery, myth and legend. Romania is home to the likes of Dracula and Transylvania, and these two things are huge parts of what brings tourists from all over the world to come and visit. But this city has a lot more to it than initially meets the eye; those looking for the weird, whacky, supernatural and spooky have definitely come to the right place. 

We highly recommend securing a fascinating tour with a guide at The Central Boarding School for Fine Young Ladies, which first opened back in the 1800s. This once prestigious school has a whole lot of history, and multiple reports from the students regarding ghostly sightings; objects floating, doors and windows slamming shut and chilling screams emanating from an allegedly empty basement. 

The House of Vernescu, a hot-spot casino, is also a spot we’d recommend for those wanting to test their luck and place their bets. It’s one of Bucharest’s most well-known and established casinos and has definitely stood the test of time. However, some wealthy men have entered the Casino only to lose their fortune and reputation by the end of the night. Some have performed so poorly that they have committed suicide on the grounds. People still think that the ghosts of these gentlemen are still haunting the casino today.

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