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How The Transport and Rail Industry Has Helped The Vaccination Process

July 15, 2021

Very shortly, most government rules and restrictions with regards to COVID-19 will be dropped. To many, this news comes as a huge relief and promises of life potentially returning to normal. However, with July 19th 2021 getting closer, and the British public affectionately dubbing it “Freedom Day”, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on just how much the transport and rail industry have done, in order for us to get to where we are now.

The transport and rail industry have been incredible with their approach to helping the COVID-19 vaccination process. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps gave special thanks to transport employees and operators countrywide, for their excellent efforts.

He thanked them for going beyond to serve those who are part of the initial COVID-19 vaccination group. The government is right on track when it comes to the vaccination process. Without the efforts of those working in the transport and rail industry, the vaccination process wouldn’t be nearly as efficient.

Great Western Railway has helped by putting additional stops on various train routes, like between Bedwyn and Paddington. Now, potentially thousands of people have the option to attend the new vaccination centre at Newbury Racecourse. Metrobus has also launched a ‘mobile vaccination unit’ in Crawley to ensure that vulnerable people can get their vaccines more safely. Network Rail has also helped make great strides.

Transport companies such as Go Ahead and Go North East have been providing shuttle busses to and from Nightingale Hospital. These are free to use and especially put in place for those getting the vaccine.

A new bus stop has even been instated, in order to speed up the vaccination process. Arriva has also been playing a huge role by running a variety of free shuttle bus services all across the UK. This ensures everyone is receiving their vaccinations safely and efficiently. 

Independent transport firms and services have offered their support in order to increase the rate of people being vaccinated against COVID-19. Many local independent taxi services have offered free transport for small groups of people and individuals getting the vaccine. On a national scale, Uber has been at the forefront. When it comes to free travel to and from a variety of vaccination centres all across the UK, Uber has accomplished. 

With regards to the efforts which have been made by the transport industry, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has commented. He said that “throughout this pandemic, our transport heroes have been at the frontline keeping this country moving,”. Due to the cancer treatment he received in the 1990s, Shapps was also the first minister to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

With rumours surrounding vaccine passports in the UK, Grant Shapps remains at the forefront of the news. As foreign travel is becoming more likely, he talks about ideas surrounding an “NHS app”. This is in order to prove that you’re entirely COVID-19 free and medically fit for travel. As this idea continues to develop, the rail industry/transport industry is going to continue to be heavily involved throughout. 

From the essential COVID-19 pre-clinical trials, pre-clinical studies and clinical development, all the way to ensuring vital NHS workers continue to monitor various immune responses and side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine, the transport and rail industry have definitely made a huge impact on the way vaccine manufacturers can deliver their vaccines to the public in an efficient manner.

Throughout each stage of the vaccine development process, the British Transport and Rail Industry have been ready and willing to help.  The amount of people who have been fully vaccinated in the UK is rising, but it is important to remember that the fight against COVID-19 isn’t over. Following the Government Guidelines regarding COVID-19 is crucial when it comes to keeping your friends, family, and loved ones completely safe.


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