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“A Guide To Railway Safety” | Roald Dahl Story Day 2021

September 10, 2021

The 13th of September marks “Roald Dahl Story Day 2021” in the UK, and with September being Roald Dahl’s birth month, there really is no better time to celebrate it. If Roald Dahl had been alive today, he would’ve been 105 years old. So, in honour of his birthday, the UK celebrates Roald Dahl Story Day and takes the time to enjoy some of the author’s most loved stories and characters. 

Ever since 2006, people all across the UK (and even further afield!) have been celebrating Roald Dahl Story Day and the author’s incredible literary track record. Roald Dahl Story Day has been celebrated and commemorated with a wide array of events and activities by countries all over the world, such as Holland and the USA. Often, these events involve recreating iconic scenes from various books, as well as dressing up as some incredibly famous characters.

All the way back in 1991, “Roald Dahl’s Guide To Rail Safety” was first published. This little book was created with young people at the heart and soul of it, and the guide was written to encourage them to think twice before acting unsafely around trains. Illustrated, of course, by the wonderful Quentin Blake, this booklet was originally published by the British Railway Board. 

This lighthearted book was handed out to lots of primary schools in the UK. Although the book is primarily a little booklet filled with useful Do’s and Don’t to make sure that young people know how to remain safe on the train platform and in the carriages, the book is also filled with funny stories from Mr Dahl himself, and pocket words of wisdom from himself, train operators and other rail project workers. 

And, as always, Roald Dahl makes it very clear that although he is technically a grown-up, he’s always going to be a child at heart; “I must now regretfully become one of those unpopular giants who tells you WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO. This is something I have never done in any of my books. I have been careful never to preach, never to be moralistic and never to convey any message to the reader.”

Clemtech, and lots of other rail consultancy companies, really know and understand the significance of rail safety. How one small mistake can really make all of the difference between life and death. “Roald Dahl’s Guide To Rail Safety” might have only been a short, lighthearted booklet highlighting the importance of staying aware of your surroundings when around railway systems, but it undoubtedly has saved plenty of lives since the date of its publication. 

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