Major Train Operating Company – In-house Refresh of Electric Multiple Units (EMU’s)


  • Modern Rolling Stock originally specified to require very little (but ongoing) cosmetic upkeep and avoid traditional C6 major refurbishment programmes.
  • Clemtech were approached by the ToC to offer an ‘In-house’ refresh programme to bring back the specified appearance.
  • 1 unit per week turnaround for 154 consecutive weeks for 4 car units. In parallel 1 unit per week turnaround for 3 car units. Both programmes to run alongside existing overhaul / repair activities.


  • Once the scope was fixed, planned the workload alongside the existing overhaul and cleaning activities and provide a business case for the ToC to present to their board for approval.
  • Pre-Production: prepared the site: Cleared working area, built stores environment, built stillages for parts and materials off train, co-ordinated facility set up including portakabins etc.
  • Recruitment of staff, co-ordinated Training (safety and product), D&A and Medicals.
  • Production – supply on site co-ordination of workforce.
  • Attend Bi-Monthly project review to assess efficiencies, cost cutting measures and incentives.
  • Inspected the Fleet (10%) in partnership with the ToC to determine the severity of dilapidation to the stock using a grading scheme.
  • Reported back to the ToC the fixed work load with the total change out and anticipated ‘on inspection’ work to achieve a consistent workload.
  • Assisted the ToC with identifying existing work instructions for the fixed tasks and forecasted the anticipated man hours and materials required.
  • Set up trials for the individual tasks, wrote method statements and set about engineering change (with VAB approved partner) where required i.e. brush matting in the vestibule areas and floor replacement etc.
  • Assisted in identifying suppliers for materials, tooling and services. Including off-site work (i.e. powder coating).


  • Cost effective solution; significantly less expensive than alternative ‘off-site’ tenders received by the ToC for the same scope of work.
  • Industry recognition – ToC recognised at the National Rail Business Awards for ‘Engineering Business Excellence’

Delivering cost efficiencies, broadened in-house skills and most importantly, greater reliability for passengers as well as thousands of additional seats due to increased availability

ToC recognised at the National Rail Business Awards for ‘Engineering Business Excellence’

Company number: 3531170 | Registered office: Ground Floor Office Suite, Leydene House, Waterberry Drive, Waterlooville PO7 7XX